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With Bertha - your free fuel app, you’ll always find the best gas station. Compare prices, filter according to your wishes and pay while filling up on the go. This is how it works: Bertha Pay takes over the contactless payment and goes to the checkout for you while you stay in the vehicle. You can already pay without contact at more than 890 gas stations of different brands across Germany. At no extra cost. And best of all: there are more to come.

Fuel, save & contactless payment

Always find the gas station on your way.

Just search

Current prices at a glance

All gas stations, all locations: Bertha compares prices of all reportable gas stations across Germany - with a time stamp.

Easy to find

Find a station nearby & cheaply

Personal settings. Filter easily according to your wishes, save favorites and navigate directly to the best gas station.

Simply save

Up to € 10 per tank

Prices in traffic light colors show you immediately where you can fill up cheaply. And the price history shows whether it’s currently worth it or not.

Simply pay

Contactless via app in the vehicle

Bertha will do the checkout for you. Pay your tank safely from your car or bike. Without extra cost.
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No ads, only savings

Bertha Pay - Simple, Fast, Secure

Fuel, pay from your car, continue driving.

1. Register for free

Create your user account in the Bertha app and add a Visa or MasterCard.

2. Find Bertha Pay gas stations

Find gas stations with a €-symbol on the map or filter for Bertha Pay.

3. Every fuel pump, every fuel type

Select a fuel pump in the app, leave your cell phone in the car or on the motorcycle and fill up with your desired fuel type.

4. Contactless payment from your car

Tap Pay Now & Let’s Go. Cashier sees your payment & invoice comes via email.

Your benefits

Many gas station brands, all in one app.

With Bertha Pay you can make secure and contactless payments at various gas station brands. There are more to come. Here you can find all participating petrol stations in Germany.

Without extra costs
Private & Business

Your safety matters

Feel good about using Bertha Pay

Data encryption

Strong password requirement

Confirmation of your registration

Approval of every payment

TouchID, FaceID, fingerprint

Security checks according
to industry standards

Two-factor authentication

Payment overview

Still have questions?

We are happy to help. Check out our Bertha tips.

Bertha FAQ
Bertha FAQ

Features - This is how Bertha helps

Discover the best app features at a glance. By the way: We regularly launch new functions for you.

Practical map view

Bertha compares current fuel prices in traffic light colors - in your area or at the desired location. Simply move the map.



Personal filters

Convenient to the right petrol station: Filter by opening times, fuel types, favorites, fuel cards and brands.



At a glance

Find information about the selected gas station and let yourself be navigated directly to it. Timestamp and refresh function show when the gas station last changed its prices.



Price history per petrol station

Fill up now or prefer to wait? Bertha compares the price trend of the same day of the previous week for you.



Bertha Pay: Pay contactless

Simple, fast, secure: fuel, pay from your car or bike using the app and drive on. No queues or extra costs.



Save on saving

Claim your vouchers for the next car wash and save twice the next time you stop at a HEM gas station.



Bertha is well received

Car Connectivity Award 2019

Hooray! You are the best!

Thanks to you, we won our first award with Bertha. Readers' Choice Auto Motor Sport Magazine - You voted and brought us the 1st prize of the “Car Connectivity Award” in the smartphone apps category. We are incredibly happy and say a thousand thanks!

This is what drivers say when they're on the road with Bertha:

  • That fast? It’s that easy? Really? - Good thing there’s no line. Gas up, pay and go.

    Kia from Köln
  • This is working out great! With Bertha, I was the star at the gas station. I passed everybody.

  • Finally an app that is simple & graphically very good. I have recommended Bertha many times - everyone has been enthusiastic so far.

    Steffen, Landsberg
  • Now I not only find the cheapest gas station with Bertha, but I can also pay directly with the app. Great news!

    Peter, Berlin

Your feedback makes Bertha better

Everything works? What is missing? Ideas? Feel free to write to us and tell your friends about us if Bertha helps you!

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